Colorado Breweries Must Love the Delicious Mile High Water

Colorado must have a natural water supply that is nearly perfect. How is this possible? There are currently more Colorado breweries that any other state. There must be a reason for all these Colorado breweries. But what? My opinion is not 100% truthful and I don’t know the definitive answer. However, I do have some ideas that make sense.

My first opinion concerns the current laws in Colorado. Colorado laws encourage the establishment of breweries in their locality. It could be that the governor of Colorado created the first Denver brewery. It was called wynkoop beer. It was the first brewery to be established in Denver. Governor Hickenlooper was elected governor after he opened several restaurants and a brewery. Although I am not an expert in laws, I believe that Colorado’s current laws make it easier for breweries. It is often completely backwards. Usually, the state laws prohibit businesses that have any structure or substance. It is difficult and costly to set up a business that deals with substance.

While there are likely to be a lot of Colorado breweries due to the laws, I trust them if they’re in the state for the fresh water. It is hard to believe that Tennessee has so many whiskey distillers. They are all there because of the rivers and lakes that Tennessee has. It is easy to distill whiskey in Tennessee because of the water resources. It’s not something I know, but I do know that it is because of the natural rivers and lakes. Colorado breweries could also be affected. Brewing beer requires a constant supply of water. The beer brewer will need the best water source to make the finest beer. Yes, I think so. It must be the Colorado water that makes the best crafted beers.

Colorado receives a lot of snow each year. Some areas in western Colorado can get snow as deep as 10-20 feet. This is a lot of snow! What happens when the snow starts to melt? All that snow melts into clean, fresh water. This is called the runoff. The snow melts and flows from the mountain to the nearby lakes and rivers. These are the different lakes and rivers that Colorado breweries use for beer making. This is very obvious if you stop and think about it. The laws can only be a part of what there must be about water.

As I stated above, this is what I believe and not what the facts say. It makes perfect sense to me, and it’s one of many reasons Colorado has so many breweries. If global warming continued to rise, how could Colorado be unable to produce snowfall? Are you confident that Colorado’s breweries will continue to produce excellent beer? All the Colorado breweries will likely close their doors and relocate to other states. Colorado breweries operate as a business. The companies wouldn’t be able to obtain the best water to make great beer if they didn’t have enough profits to close down. So I believe that almost all Colorado breweries would relocate to areas with the best water.

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