Western Australia’s Breweries – More than an Industry

Even though beer was only introduced to Australia in the post-colonial era, it has since become one of the most avid beer drinkers in the world. Recent surveys showed that Australia was ranked fourth on the planet for beer consumption. Over the years, there have been many micro-breweries as well as breweries in Australia. The Cascade Brewery, Australia’s oldest operating brewery, was established in 1824. Many breweries have been established since then. Some are owned and operated by families. Western Australia is the fastest growing region in this sector. Because of their ability to offer unique and delicious brews, these breweries provide a unique experience for all travelers.

Get original beer recipes

Many traditional practices and specialties in beer-making have been preserved by Western Australian breweries. Many breweries still employ master brewers, who can use the original recipes to bring you back in time. The Old Swan Brewery in Perth is a well-known name for keeping these recipes alive. This brewery is an integral part of local history, and draws patrons from all around the globe.

A wide range of brews

The heart of the brewing industry is the Swan Valley, Western Australia. You can find many varieties made in-house here. Even those who don’t normally drink beer will find these brews appealing.

Styling and themes

Western Australian breweries were created to create memorable experiences for their patrons. For example, Duckstein Brewery is a tribute Germany. It is designed to recreate the experience of drinking a cold beer in a Bavaria garden. The menu will give you an idea of the theme and help to complete the experience. This specialty is available at most Western Australian breweries.

Atmosphere friendly

Most breweries in Western Australia provide a comforting, informal ambience. Expect the staff to call you’mate’ instead of’sir. These breweries have a lot of helpful staff when it comes time to choose from the many varieties. They have the training to offer you the best service.

Recognitions and awards

Internationally acclaimed, Western Australian breweries have been established. These special brews have been awarded on an international level for their quality. These award-winning brews are evident in the large crowds at Western Australia’s breweries.

Microbreweries: The Concept

Microbreweries offer a refreshing alternative to the big beer brands that are available in Australia. Microbreweries produce unique flavours that are popular with patrons from all over the globe. You will find something to look forward too when you travel to microbreweries.

Every brewery in Western Australia is equipped with the latest technology and laboratories. They are highly sought-after and attractive to tourists, as they stand out from other breweries across the country.

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